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A: -Choose your series:

LA series has tandem placement of motor and screw structure. Slender appearance, small cross-section, lightweight. LAS series has parallel placement of motor and screw structure. Compact dimensions, lightweight. LAF and LASF series add integrated force sensor based on the LA and LAS series. Enabling real time push rod force detection and control.

-Choose your stroke: from 10mm to 50mm are available.

-Choose your speed level: check out parameter table of each series.

-Choose your electrical interface and mechanical interface.

A: Inspire Robots is an enterprise focused on the R&D of advanced, emergent technology, committed to providing high performance solutions and more possibilities for companies that have precision control needs but are limited by product size.

A: We will use DHL shipping from Beijing to over 20 country and regions, please contact us for the specific delivery time to your place. All orders are shipped FOB, and relevant fees are affected by the local policy of your delivery.

A: Small size

High precision

High power density.

A: Service robots -- welcome guests, serve drinks, unmanned retail.

Medical prosthetics---Applied to patients with hand disabilities, combined with myoelectric sensors, it can complete some basic operations in daily life, so that amputees can restore part of their ability to take care of themselves and work.

A: Please check out the parameter table in product page or visit Inspire-Robots official site.

A: Yes, please check out the Download Page for 3D models of all of our products.

A: According to different models, maximum grip force are from 15N to 100N. Please check out parameter in the products page.

Small in Size

High Precision

Force Control

Drive and Control Integrated