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Inspire Robots products can meet the demand in the fields such as biomedical, precision manufacturing, aerospace, education and scientific research, with an emphasis in micro servo motion and precision force control.

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Micro Linear Servo Actuator is a small integrated  system  combining core-less motor, precision planetary reducer, position sensor, precision screw mechanism and closed-loop control system in a single package. Its compact dimensions, large load capacity, and high precision at any point throughout its stroke range enables it to act as a core component in electromechanical systems such as robots, medical equipment, and  industrial equipment.

LA10 Series

LA10 Series

$499.99 Regular price $599.99

LAF50 Series

LAF50 Series

$1,499.99 Regular price $1,599.99

LAS16 Series

LAS16 Series

$619.99 Regular price $719.99

LASF30 Series

LASF30 Series

$1,499.99 Regular price $1,599.99


Born of the pursuit of technology,and catch up with the development of intelligent manufacturing. Through continuous scientific research and technological innovation, Inspire Robots has completely independently developed high-quality precision moving parts to redefine "Made in China"

Applications of Micro Linear Servo Actuators

Benefit by the small size and high precision of micro linear servo actuator, the products have been applied in the biomedical fields such as minimally invasive surgical equipment, IVD, rehabilitation equipment and medical aesthetic equipment.

Minimally Invasive Devices

Micro Linear Servo Actuator applied to minimally invasive surgical instruments can reduce the size of the equipment, realize precise force and position control, and have the function of data feedback, which can effectively reduce the difficulty and risk of surgical operations.

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Multichannel Pipette

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the pipette, the advantages of small size and high precision, it can realize the automatic measurement and control of the suction and dispensing process through the linkage of the driver matrix.

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Constant Force Grinding

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the constant force grinding equipment, which can continuously apply constant pressure to the surface of the workpiece, ensure the grinding accuracy, improve the grinding efficiency, and improve the yield rate.

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Precision Placement

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the PCB pressing and bonding, which can realize the precise force-controlled pressing and bonding of the components. The process is stable and reliable, and the yield rate can be greatly improved.

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Precision Assembly

In the assembly line of precision industries such as 3C semiconductors, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of positioning and installation through digital control. The high-precision position control of Micro Linear Servo Actuator can meet such needs.

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Apply Adhesive

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the gluing equipment, the gluing speed is adjustable, and the gluing quantity control precision is high, which can improve the gluing efficiency and the yield rate.

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Microneedle Device

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the microneedle device, which can effectively reduce the size and weight of the device, the penetration depth is accurate, the penetration speed is fast, and the user experience can be greatly improved.

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Electronic Injection Equipment

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is used in electronic injection instruments, which can precisely control the drug delivery process, improve safety and effectively reduce the size of the instrument, making it easy to carry and use.

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More Applications

Aesthetic Medicine Equipment

In-Vitro Diagnostics

Minimally Invasive Surgical Instrument

Surgical Robots

Rehabilitation Equipment



Manned Aerial Vehicles

Mechanical / Electronic Props

Bionic Robots

3C Semiconductor Tooling Fixtures


New Energy Field (Lithium Batteries)

Instrumentation (Testing Equipment)

Valve Vontrol

Automotive Electronics (Assembly, Modification)

3D Printing

Optical Equipment

Electronic Lock

Electric Car

Smart Home (Lifting Table, Lifting Door, Lifting Window)

Experiment Equipment

Teaching Aids






A few things you might be wondering

A: -Choose your series:

LA series has tandem placement of motor and screw structure. Slender appearance, small cross-section, lightweight. LAS series has parallel placement of motor and screw structure. Compact dimensions, lightweight. LAF and LASF series add integrated force sensor based on the LA and LAS series. Enabling real time push rod force detection and control.

-Choose your stroke: from 10mm to 50mm are available.

-Choose your speed level: check out parameter table of each series.

-Choose your electrical interface and mechanical interface.

A: Inspire Robots is an enterprise focused on the R&D of advanced, emergent technology, committed to providing high performance solutions and more possibilities for companies that have precision control needs but are limited by product size.

A: We will use DHL shipping from Beijing to over 20 country and regions, please contact us for the specific delivery time to your place. All orders are shipped FOB, and relevant fees are affected by the local policy of your delivery.

A: Small size

High precision

High power density.

A: Service robots -- welcome guests, serve drinks, unmanned retail.

Medical prosthetics---Applied to patients with hand disabilities, combined with myoelectric sensors, it can complete some basic operations in daily life, so that amputees can restore part of their ability to take care of themselves and work.

A: Please check out the parameter table in product page or visit Inspire-Robots official site.

A: Yes, please check out the Download Page for 3D models of all of our products.

A: According to different models, maximum grip force are from 15N to 100N. Please check out parameter in the products page.

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Servicing Brands and Institutions
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